can you hear the whispering sound
of the dancing leaves in the trees
they will fall to the ground

can you feel the freshening breeze
of the coolish wind in the yard
it will bring me back on my knees

can you see the trembeling heart
of my shaking body in bed
it will stop and it will start

no? but what can you instead
smell the fall outside
and leave it in your head

you can taste the wide
of the freedom bound
it will show and it will hide

for the fall

dans ma cuisine
qu’es q’on preparer
pour mes pralines
je t’aime ma petite chocolatier

this is all wrong
cause I don’t know French
language at all
it sounds good
they have so many rhymes
I have so many crimes
but this is nice food

little chocolate drops and tears
what the church bell hears
sitting at my windows
those the sweet wind blows

little life through