If there are Krankenkassen in this place, there must be Gesundheitskassen as well.

Insurances should pay much more for keeping up health than for expensive therapies and rehabilitation actually in case you’re already sick. It’s better not to grow illnesses than to get sick early because of a sick way of living.

A good way of life is more expensive. And medical institutions will have most profit by sick patients. So feed yourself with junk food and coke and you will be a nice job for Dr. Scrooge McDuck.

Anyway. This is what I would expect my health insurance to pay for: A comfortable sports equipment so I can go on running outside through the park without damaging my knees and body thanks to a professional tracksuit. And pay the taxes so I can visit special sport clubs. I’m curious, you know? I would like to find out some more things. And send some more cash please so I can buy my own healthy food to cook.

And gimme some good ad about how to prevent all diseases. Why don’t you pay my holiday so I can learn to calm down continously? I will grow you my biggest strength to work as a good and successfull employee. I’m serious.

There needs to be a big change for growing a big and strong society. And don’t tell me there is not enough money to care about anyone. This is a big bullshit. It’s just lying in the wrong place.


Ich hab in letzter Zeit ständig so neue Ideen zu innovativen Diensten oder Produkten in der Wirtschaft, vor allem seit ich Höhle der Löwen und Shark Tank manchmal konsumiere. Da fallen mir die lustigsten Sachen ein. Aber ich will nicht alle davon verraten, damit ihr mir die besten davon nicht klaut, ja.

Zum Beispiel würde ich einen Supermarkt entwickeln, der sich nur auf die klassischen Varianten von Ware spezialisiert. Da würde es dann nur Philadelphia als Frischkäse geben und keine so überflüssigen Kräuter-, Gemüse- oder Krabbengeschmacksrichtungen. Wisst ihr, was ich meine? Also es würde auch nur Fanta Orange geben und keine Wasserschorlen mit Ingwer oder grünem Tee. Und Milka Alpenschokolade ohne Rosinen, Nüsse, Cornflakes, Beeren, Kekse oder Smarties, damit die Kunden halt echt mal wieder aufs Wesentliche konzentriert werden. Butter ohne Salz und Trüffel und nur 3,5 % fetthaltige Milch. Ist doch voll klar, Mann.

So. Diese Liste könnte ich jetzt noch endlos fortführen. Ob dieses Konzept wohl Bestand hätte in der heutigen Gesellschaft oder erscheint das alles doch zu farb- und variationslos? Kann ein Supermarkt bzw. ein Markt völlig ohne Super auch ohne Klimbim oder gibt es einfach nicht genug Rentner, die im konservativen Zeitgeschehen davon Gebrauch machen könnten, oder sterben diese Leute sowieso alle bald aus?

Was haltet ihr von meinem bahnbrechenden und revolutionären Shopping-Konzept, hä?

paranoid or visionary

Am I paranoid ? Please tell me anyone. I laugh at people who say „Trump“ will not win anyway, and even if he will not be able to change anything because of the „laws“. But haha, you don’t see everything. They were laws before, they got broken.

And people didn’t expect the Brexit to happen. And it did and all were shocked but this is what is happening. And Turkey.. I don’t know. We don’t need to talk about. I am happy I live in Germany, it seems to be one of the strongest places still in the world today (first will be the last and last will be the first).

I worry about international companies suck up small ones with money (money rules the world with pressure and force and threatening, corruption, this is true) and somehow getting richer they become more robbering. WordPress.Com is a free homepage still but it has less chances and possibilities then the place I was before (German homepage). And.. at the same time it is much more complex and complicated to understand. You need to be very concentrated to understand and built up your profile and page. They make it hard for people to understand all things easily about privacy, intimicy, options, settings, anything, so the basic settings are inacceptable for real but people don’t mind because they are too lazy to understand what’s meant between the lines.

And this is something I worry about. I don’t feel comfortable in a place which is going to be ruled by US-Americans who are going to be ruled by Nazis maybe.

Am I paranoid ? Am I ?

Maybe I should not tag my entries with „Trump“. Should I ?

scary instincts

about three weeks ago I went outside for shopping things, shop shop. I put on my grey shorts (very bright version of grey) and a shirt with red stripes and white, the red is coloured strong as blood, and my grey chucks, they have white schoelaces and they are stained with red spots of halloween blood for halloween party. I had worn the same combination of these clothes before, so maybe two and three months ago when it used to be warm outside. so three weeks ago I went outside and into a store for cosmetic bullshit (like I never visit those stores, only for.. those papers you can check up pregnancy with instantly). this time I needed MILK. so I went there. and when I got to the cash point, I had a straight look up to a bunch of magazines which were hanging right in front of my eyes. those magazines you could take for free and the cover wrote, it was grey and red (and a bit white): the trending colours of the season are red and a bright version of grey. and I laughed. out of sudden. I had some feelings long time before that I am an instinct trend setter somehow and this is no meaning of arrogance. this is really scary sometimes. I had the same thing with suspenders before hipster influence already, for example. and Batman. and lots of music.

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