extremes everywhere and media

Imagine a person not being able to understand the expression „fighting for peace“. Because he or she says fight can’t deal with peace, they don’t belong together. Fight and combat is the other part of violence and brutality.

I will say then: Have you ever thought about that „fight“ has not got only one side ? A fight can be bad with shot guns, physical strength, pity and misery. But it can be good, as well. Weapons of a good fight are… love, respect, tolerance, mental strength and smartness. And intelligence. So, please. Don’t tell me that those words don’t fit together.

What’s inbetween, the media ? All good things are threesome ? … in the centre of extremes ? The mix of things ? (By the way I always leave a gap between question/exclamation marks and last letters of last word in a sentence. Because I like the space.)

The answer is easy: It’s a compromise.