it will take much time untill I can watch movies again I used to like. I have a problem seeing people get killed or murdered in a movie. most of those I used to like are about death in any way. blood diamond for example (supergreat soundtrack), I could watch because I had no schizophrenia projection of it, but, it’s about too much.. death and so on. I’m.. sensitive.

Rather I would watch Tom & Jerry the whole night long/ listen to while falling asleep. I have all the seasons, episodes because my ex-boy(friend sounds like same age)mate bought them on DVD. I kept them. Fortunately.

inception inception

I can’t watch any movies any more cause I’ve created all my own.

Worst part of paranoia: I thought I was in a tenth part of inception like in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream and so on…

Lisa, wake up. This was on my mind. All the time. Till the end of inception. I found out myself after 18 km of walking through days and nights and fields and forests through thorns and trees and any jungle plant out there. Scratches everywhere.

I’m happy I’ve found my way out. And I had my own soundtracks as well, but I can’t listen to, it’s the radio music and viva charts which were played all the time. I’m just remembering things.