I need to [share] this:

Maybe we should call the word “sharity” instead of charity, not to forget what it’s all about. Otherwise you might think about cherry tea only.

And maybe we should start teaching kids what “sharing” would mean originally before there were facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Do you know what I mean?


Public Enemies

People should start taking photographs of those who don’t mind about pissing in public places while there are others around them. And then those should be uploaded on public pages on the web so that these pissing people can enjoy even more publicity about their disgusting behaviour. And this is what you could call the campaign: Perverts pissing in public places. Simple as fuck.

And you should do the same with those who spit out on the ground while there are others walking besides, behind or just anywhere around them and might feel quite disgusted by that kind of disgusting way to show any kind of disrespect.

And peoples’ faces will be known for everyone.

Living in the centre of a town means a very hard life sometimes referring to beauty, romance, nature, respect, love, peace and fucking harmony.

the first will be the last… one day. and other way round. jesus said so.

two stories about perspectives.

not to say I’m special, but I am. Haha.

Once I was in class of Gymnasium with adults (I was second youngest of 22) we had to analyze a short story about a relationship of a medi-age-couple with kids. they were having breakfast and a difficult topic came up referring to the kids. the parents disagreed totally. and the father, then, left off, without discussion any more. we had to analyze this relationship. but it went on because the father stayed alone for the whole day, the mommy cried and daddy wrote a letter in the end to explain himself. we didn’t know what he wrote.
all mates (?) in class of mine – and even the teacher – agreed on the decision to judge this relationship the way it was bad and not lovely. but I was disagreeing and I raise my arm and said: But can’t this be lovely, as well? You might not know, what they both would have done if the father hadn’t left. He was kind and brave enough to develope some space and time inbetween their love. All others didn’t understand what I was saying. I shut my mouth after and thought I was wrong.

Another one:
Once I was in class of normal school for trainees (media design workers) with kids only (I was second oldest of 23), the teacher handed out a short story in German lessons. The story was about a hard-working working man who always said YES to all kinds of work, never complained, and never said „NO this is too much right now, someone else needs to do it“. He refused to go on vacation and he got stocks of papers to care about in his office. All his colleagues started to talk about him, stare at him and wonderin about his behaving. They did not insult him, but they said, after once the hard-working man had killed himself, they said, yeah, somehow this was something predictable. They really never insulted him in the short story and we, the class, needed to analyze social behaving of the group. All of the others and even the teacher (about 60-year-old-man) were sure those colleagues were cruel and bullying and not kind.

But this was nothing I could see and I raise my arm as well and said: But, can’t this be normal behaving, as well? I couldn’t explain my feelings then but today I see, if you behave like a slave and you show to others that you are not worth a beautiful, stressless life, then the others will treat you this way and (ab)use the situation. But this is Kharma. And so, I think, if the hard-working man couldn’t find out for himself to love himself and say „NO, this is too much“, then this is his own fault and his own decision on a worthless life.

I’m done.

By the way: As I said (this is two years ago now) they all looked at me and didn’t understand anything. And I thought, damn, I must be wrong… But I’m not and I know it.


I will grow oldest.

lesson, listen, long letter to the world

There is something going on. I feel it. Yesterday I was with my family (I have the supersmartest family like Mom and Dad and bro and sis and my sister’s boyfriend and some more), they all reflect. We took the Mom of my sister’s boyfriend with us, it doesn’t matter that she grew up in Poland, it matters that she wasn’t taught well there. And once you are with people, any time there will rise a speach about intolerance and political situation. I see from the very beginning by acting and talking which person is intolerant and not open and so she is. And she only said one sentence and I rolled my eyes, I felt I got very very sick and tired. And after I thought, damn, Lisa, if you always feel like this and don’t use your powers and strength to argument with those intolerant people, then those will be the winning. And you lose.

I’m in a special mood about this, yesterday I watched a long, long documentary about the end of World War II the whole night long until early morning. I almost know everything about but I still watch because you can always find out more things. SEE them. See the pity and the sorrow that war brings to human kind. And it’s that easy, fucking easy, to manipulate people (I could as well, I know how it works, how to make people follow you, but I’m passive aggressive and I would never force anyone to do anything like in supermarket if I can’t wait and get impatient if someone is not able to decide on sth. I try to focus on sth. else so he or she has got enough time to decide. Alright?), therefore you need to teach pupils the same books and analyze, please, books like „Mario und der Zauberer“ (Thomas Mann) oder „Demian“ (Hermann Hesse). Those authors, they were friends and they lived during second World War and their books were censored/ forbidden by the Nazi regime. Never ever try to think that this is a solution to rule a country or rule people in general.

We are not more people today than in WWII, but we have a good connection, so we are much stronger now. Thanks to web but please be sure not to control the web. Please. Think, man. It’s noone’s fault that you have anger inside of yourself. Don’t project to someone else. Be smart.

Damn, and I read the fucking book „Mein Kampf“ and I understand why he became the way he did. And I will say his name, because I’m not afraid. It’s Lord Voldemort. No, man. Adolf Hitler. His parents should have loved him for what he was.

And there must be a good reason why there is a rhyme for „Trump“ and the rhyme is „dumb“. The ironical thing is, he even said it, the dumbest are the easiest to make you follow. Go to school and listen. And there must be a reason for his first name reminds of Donald a duck, even though the duck is much smarter and would be a better president for the United States than the Trump.