The Whole

>> There was a boy with some scars on his body and scratches and wounds and he made up some funny stories about their cause and told exciting things about them to people who asked for.

And there was a girl and she had scars on her body as well like also scratches and wounds and she held up the truth to people about their cause and said this was damage to myself, I caused them myself.

One day they both met and they exchanged their stories, the boy the false and lying, the girl the true and crying. And they made friends somehow and the boy decided to be honest then one day and so he said: „Honestly, I have lied to you, sweetheart, and I want you to be sure I caused my scars myself, as well. I caused them myself, all of them. ‚Cause if I had taken much more care of myself and loved myself, they wouldn’t be there now, like yours.“

And the girl asked: „So, why have you lied to me? And why making up such strange stories?“

And the boy said: „Well, they are much more interesting, I think. And people listen to me then, more carefully and interested.“

„This is not damn right“, the girl responded then, „how can those stories be more interesting than truth?“

And so the boy asked: „So.. you prefer my second version I’ve told you?“

„No“, she said, „I prefer the whole story about you who first lied about your scars and then decided to tell the truth like all the fucking story.“ <<