I wrote this for the thinking people:

What you believe is real

is a dimension of diversity

and what you see and feel

is your own great philosophy

Who – God knows – will unterstand

what is on your mind

when you do not have a friend

who says that you’re not blind

Not blind to know the truth

that life seems just a circus

full of things that you can lose

– consider it and choose

the way you wanna try to behave

untill you’re lying in a grave


Am I wrong if I say there is a soul inbetween one’s body and mind ? You say everything is programmed by your brain to manage and to guide your body and your mind. They will function perfectly if they combine and communicate and fusion. Mind says: I’m hungry, I want to eat cheese. Body goes to the fridge and will be happy and thankful and enjoy the cheese at its best. This was what body and mind needed to feed the child and the child is called soul. Soul will be solved. Solution. And it will rise to the atmosphere (absolution) even after your death and body is rotting in the ground and your mind fading to dust. But the soul is up then and recalled by others. This is soul. Do you understand ?

Yesterday, my Mom told me, originally she wanted to call me Lisa-Sophie ; ) I will not explain to you, what Sophie means originally.

I had a vision

one day… no, I am not Martin Luther King.

I had a vision, years ago, it came up to my mind while I was being driven around in a car through the night of the city. I wanted to write a utopian book about this. It will sound stupid to most of you, I know this, but I had a vision about society where noone cared about question of gender. No people asking you for what you should call yourself, a girl, or a boy, `cause all of them will decide on what they want to do in their lifes and which role they want to play. No judgement, no laughter, no fucking worries about.

Some prick will not feel ashamed for crying anymore and some pussy will not be ashamed for drinking beer as fuck anymore.

And here is something left for you who might not believe:

Ask someone: Are you a boy or a girl?

And the person will say: How can I be only one of these? I am proudly made out of Mom’s and Dad’s genes, so I’m both, Mom and Dad, at the same fucking time.

Think about this.

And later on, if you are still doubtful, the person will say: And Mom can also say the same like I am proudly made out of Mom’s and Dad’s genes, so she’s both as well, so Mom could be Dad as well, actually. She can decide on, it doesn’t matter. Mom means Dad.

plans, simple

you had plans that you couldn’t realize and you got mad because of that, but if you couldn’t realize them, then they weren’t your plans for real, I mean.

the plan was not to be able to realize what you might have seen as a plan – and getting mad then, you know?


If you want God to laugh, make some plans. Hihi. Haha.

and now I will listen to Oasis – Masterplan