blank space

es gibt da so eine herausragende künstlerin, die in einem ihrer hochgradig wertvollen songs präsentiert, dass boys only love wollen, if it’s torture.

mit was für typen hängt diese verquere person denn herum eigentlich in ihrer broken world, um solche schlüsse ziehen zu können?

und by the way: was sind denn schon boys, junge? das sind doch kleine kinder


We should write new fairy tales. You know? Brothers Grimm were very fearful. And controlling. And not just them. And fairys.. should be lovely and make wishes come true actually and not fears ! Don’t they ? There is no death and danger outside. Trust me ! So one first try:

new fairy tail


extremes everywhere and media

Imagine a person not being able to understand the expression „fighting for peace“. Because he or she says fight can’t deal with peace, they don’t belong together. Fight and combat is the other part of violence and brutality.

I will say then: Have you ever thought about that „fight“ has not got only one side ? A fight can be bad with shot guns, physical strength, pity and misery. But it can be good, as well. Weapons of a good fight are… love, respect, tolerance, mental strength and smartness. And intelligence. So, please. Don’t tell me that those words don’t fit together.

What’s inbetween, the media ? All good things are threesome ? … in the centre of extremes ? The mix of things ? (By the way I always leave a gap between question/exclamation marks and last letters of last word in a sentence. Because I like the space.)

The answer is easy: It’s a compromise.


I want to write a song
a song that differs from the rest
not to be the best
and not to show you what is wrong

every single word you sing
refers to sorrow, joy and love
and how those circle everything
is how God combines them all above

BO’ring, I sing, I feel there should be more
I’m tired of the core,
the origin of feelings
I feel like I’m the whore
of God and what he brings

Is there something else still to discover ?
Like a sixth or seventh sense maybe ?
Or a never leaving lover
you will find out how to see

for allways

Two sides ?

Imagine a losing soul out there trying to find some cash by playing guitar in the streets. He will be able to make some money if he plays a bit, playing his chords he’s been knowing for ages already. But then he will see „somehow I could make some more cash if I played more known songs like they should be much more pupular and famous“. And more people will start to give him little cash for but only like pennys and coins for not listening carefully but only noticing.

Imagine a winning soul out there trying to find some peace and love in the streets by playing his chords. He is playing for joy and playing the most wonderful songs on earth he could ever play because they are coming out of heart. And the people listening to him for real, they won’t be many, only few, but those few people with a heart and soul and big love and passion will pay true attention to him, maybe they will give some money (probably more than any of the others because they don’t care for money), but somehow I think they would prefer giving some food, some drink or even some really hot fuck and a place to rest for a night maybe or two.

What would you like to choose on?
I know my answer. This time it is not both.