Late obituary

How US-American parents complained about their children committing suicide because those had listened to Linkin Park. Like those dumbass people who did with Marilyn Manson because of the amok runners. Did you ever think then that your children themselves have felt kind of attracted to their songs for a more profound reason?

All this story about all of it happening must be the heavily ironic part of a sadly ignorant way of world-style in a system where people need to find scapegoats, not being able to see all the truth before the tragedy.

This is the funny thing about Chester Bennington: He just wrote about all of his suffering before and you could listen but you didn’t. And it can’t be any surprise what he did, actually, and what some of your deeply sad children.

I am no exact fan, any more, but when I was 13, LP was my favourite group of rock and it was the one teaching me to learn English language myself to understand all the contents of their songs.

much magic

Some kinda short information I gotta talk about:
nicht, dass das irgendwie doof klingt jezze, aber stimmt schon irgendwie, dass Linkin Park echt geil sind. Es ist immer wieder verblüffend, wie magisch ihre Anziehungskraft auf mich wirkt, ohne dass ich schon weiß, dass es sich um LP handelt, wenn ich die Glotze anhab. Das war immer so. Also nach einer Sekunde wusste ich bereits, dass es sich bei diversen, neuen Clips im TV um etwas ziemlich Großes handelt und erst bei Sekunde fünf oder so erfuhr ich dann den Künstler.
Die Band hat einen ziemlich besonderen Platz in meiner Seele trotz der ausgeprägt experimentellen Musikentwicklung. Und so.
Hot new song, waiting for the end…