For the babies

There are poems I like and poems I don’t like. This one I don’t like but still it’s a little special and maybe worth a mention.

For the babies

Dragonheart or Harry Potter
any movie I can stotter
but for you it should be clear
I will not make a list right here

You’re the pan and I’m the clown
I will create my own
and in the end it will be shown
which one of us will wear the crown
and wich of us will be the down

Ception In or Island Shutter
I’m producer, you’re the cutter
I’m your darling, you’re my dear
we will both be engineer

This is easy, this is sweet
can we blow up like in Heat ?
can we say Hi, can we greet ?
can we eat or can we feed
our movie with a need ?

Not a dirty one of course
we are heroes, no more whores
action figures, special E-
ffects for people they will see

We will make it just the best
it won’t be a little test
it will be a bigger quest
heart is bumping in my chest
nothing here for us to rest

I’m the movie queen
my name is Charlie and not Sheen
this will all be seen
not just in a dream


like boring diary entry

I can’t wait to lose weight again. Right now everything I do is just for fun. And I eat more than my body burns away. The most I do is sit and eat. And smoke and shit. On 20th I will have the first surgery ever in my life. Because of my thyroid. I’m scared but I need to trust doctors. I’m the most trustful kid in history. Trust the doctors. That’s all about my life.

Otherwise I would be still in psychiatry. Hmm. Today my Dad apologized for he pulled me like a baby doll cause he couldn’t let me go or even stay at the hills where I was meditating like a big Indian guru or something like that. I cried. He called the ambulance while I said I just want to be on my own here and stare at the stars. I even created my own Lisa star while I was connecting to the whole universe, staring at the sky.

Nevermind. I’m not too big but not as I wish to be like 75 kilograms again. Why can’t I be Harry Potter and make everything pass away quicklier.

asking time

warum kommt peeves in keinem einzigen hp-film vor und warum darf hermine im 2. teil trotz sommerferien den occulus-reparo-zauber an harrys brille in der winkelgasse anwenden.
und warum werden die familienprobleme der weaslys mit percy nur so wenig berücksichtigt in den filmen.
und warum hat man mich nicht die leitung der filmproduktionen übernehmen lassen, das ist hier ja mal die schwerwiegendste sachlage, liebe leute.
aber eigentlich bin ich schon ganz zufrieden mit der gesamtumsetzung. trallala