Those times I want to write something but I don’t know what. I only write then. Writing for writing. Like now. Wow. What can I say. Hey. I’m on my way. Totally full. Eating all day. Because of the pills. I’m taking. No shaking. But eating, eating, eating.

I will blow like an air balloon. I’m in my home saloon. ALOON. So lonely. But not. I have everything here I need for myself. A book shelf. I could read. But where does that lead. I would get some more knowledge. I have enough on my head. No concentration for reading.

Breeding. I am breeding some texts here maybe. Better idea. Lazy gear. Dumb dumb dumb. Knock knock at my head. Shall I go to bed. I don’t know. Where can I go. Smoking ciga – rette. Sicker rat. Play with words. Not with hearts. Well it hurts. Not that much.