It is not me for real being sick. Only because of our society’s standards I am treated like unnormal for showing feelings, but if I lived in a society that I myself dream of noone would say that I am „ill“. They would only say: You are normal and because you have feelings and don’t try to hide them away you are a human being.

I am aware of people being too focused on only themselves.

They hide in their smartphones and stop envolving social communications,

real social communication.

This is dangerous and I am aware of this. Stay tuned and don’t stop asking questions about things going on in this world.

Vote for Merkel and Hillory, Barack Obama, Emma Watson and Donald Duck. He’s the cooler one showing anger and madness to all.

I already went through the Circle before Emma Watson.

ITs not the black, the gay or the Jewish people being dangerous for politics, it’s the open-minded. Or the unopen-minded.