for the fall

dans ma cuisine
qu’es q’on preparer
pour mes pralines
je t’aime ma petite chocolatier

this is all wrong
cause I don’t know French
language at all
it sounds good
they have so many rhymes
I have so many crimes
but this is nice food

little chocolate drops and tears
what the church bell hears
sitting at my windows
those the sweet wind blows

little life through


spiritual flow

calming music like totally crazy, I’m telling you.


this is not about Jesus, but about Jesus, you know, but Jesus can be anyone and anything, anywhere. i’ve been listening to this song for long time now and it’s still able to make me relax and hope, you know. positive. you need to listen carefully. i have one scene on my mind about my last book, the third one, and it’s about hanging on a crucifix but the other way round like satanic way cross you know, and the crucifix is hanging inside of church, noone there, only one wolf, his name is salvatus sanctus, and the boy, he’s tied to the fucking crucifix the other way round with head to the ground. this will be the soundtrack for the scene if it ever turns into a movie. and so, maybe you can enjoy.

the wolf is the only one watching and taking care of the hanging boy. i love that scene.