Where can I get this and how is it called ? I had as a child. I know it’s lost. I’ve found the picture above only on one page and this page only used to sell it as .. decoration (you can put a candle inside rolleyes) or as jewellerey (double rolleyes haha).

Those nine stones should be different because each of them refers to one of the seven planets and to sun and to moon which were known in the Ancient Orient. So Mercur, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus or was it about seven? I am not sure any more, there is something about the days of week and their names, they belong to those planets including Sun and Moon (I can try to refer to French or English words, German differs too much). Should there be nine days? Hmm. Maybe my Lotus Flower had only seven stones.

Anyway. This is not for decoration or jewellery, this is for meditation originally and you can take it and you can transform the wire to different sculptures so every sculpture will show another phase of the circle of origin, formation, ending and rebirth of the solar system.

I would like to have one again.

Title: by Bilbo Baggins

EDIT: I mean, they only knew Sun and Moon and Mercur, Venus, Mars, (besides Earth), Jupiter and Saturn in Ancient Orient, therefore the days.


Saturn for Saturday (samdi)

Sun for Sunday (dimanche)

Moon for Monday (lundi)

Mars for Tuesday (mardi)

Mercur for Wednesday (mercredi)

Jupiter for Thursday (jeudi)

Venus for Friday (vendredi)