Hallo Frau Kassiererin:

Haben Sie schon mal darüber nachgedacht, dass es den Kunden unter Umständen ziemlich peinlich sein könnte, wenn sie erst an der Kasse nach Kondomen fragen können, wo es alle in der Schlange mitbekommen?

Anstatt die Teile einfach im Laden zu platzieren, greifbar von irgendeinem Regal aus.

I wrote this for the thinking people:

What you believe is real

is a dimension of diversity

and what you see and feel

is your own great philosophy

Who – God knows – will unterstand

what is on your mind

when you do not have a friend

who says that you’re not blind

Not blind to know the truth

that life seems just a circus

full of things that you can lose

– consider it and choose

the way you wanna try to behave

untill you’re lying in a grave

The Window Woman

The Window Woman always watches all the world through windows

Then she thinks to understand how life goes

Everyday she’s in a bus

and staring through the glas

She sees the people walking by

but she herself is just too shy

She does not even really know

if she’s in a Truman Show

what she expects to see

is what she herself can’t ever be:

Exciting and interesting.