blank space

es gibt da so eine herausragende künstlerin, die in einem ihrer hochgradig wertvollen songs präsentiert, dass boys only love wollen, if it’s torture.

mit was für typen hängt diese verquere person denn herum eigentlich in ihrer broken world, um solche schlüsse ziehen zu können?

und by the way: was sind denn schon boys, junge? das sind doch kleine kinder

inception inception

I can’t watch any movies any more cause I’ve created all my own.

Worst part of paranoia: I thought I was in a tenth part of inception like in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream and so on…

Lisa, wake up. This was on my mind. All the time. Till the end of inception. I found out myself after 18 km of walking through days and nights and fields and forests through thorns and trees and any jungle plant out there. Scratches everywhere.

I’m happy I’ve found my way out. And I had my own soundtracks as well, but I can’t listen to, it’s the radio music and viva charts which were played all the time. I’m just remembering things.

spiritual flow

calming music like totally crazy, I’m telling you.


this is not about Jesus, but about Jesus, you know, but Jesus can be anyone and anything, anywhere. i’ve been listening to this song for long time now and it’s still able to make me relax and hope, you know. positive. you need to listen carefully. i have one scene on my mind about my last book, the third one, and it’s about hanging on a crucifix but the other way round like satanic way cross you know, and the crucifix is hanging inside of church, noone there, only one wolf, his name is salvatus sanctus, and the boy, he’s tied to the fucking crucifix the other way round with head to the ground. this will be the soundtrack for the scene if it ever turns into a movie. and so, maybe you can enjoy.

the wolf is the only one watching and taking care of the hanging boy. i love that scene.