I remember the moment when I saw you in fact
I couldn’t believe it was real
I felt in my heart a deep impact
And all of my heart was starting to feel

I felt all the beauty that love only shares
I gave you a cigarette
We smoked and then who the fuck cares?
I wanted to get you in bed

We went to the bar and had just some drinks
Untill we went back again
You played on your guitar and lovely it sings
- I was then your biggest fan

I took you to my rooms and “kidnapped” you here
We listened to music and fucked
I tell you the story, my wonderful dear
This was my prettiest luck


So. Damit auch meine restlichen Blogleser Bescheid wissen: meine letzte Diagnose ist paranoide Schizophrenie und ich war dieses Jahr ungefähr sieben Monate lang am Stück in Kliniken. Alle 28 Tage krieg ich antipsychotische Spritzen und morgens nehm ich wieder Antidepressiva. Rauchen tu ich immer noch und ich bin dick geworden, 110 Kilo. Aber immer noch schön.

Und bald gibt’s wieder was aus meinem Murkse-Buch.