people listen to songs but they don’t listen. They listen to Michael Jackson and judge others. They throw their trash anywhere and they listen to Johnny Cash whereas they hate the way people decide on arts instead of school or „normal“ job education. They listen to Nirvana but hate Courtney Love for being a murderer that she isn’t. People listen to Falco, but feel pissed by the narcissistic way he behaved personally.

They listen to the 80ies New Wave music but are afraid of homosexuals.

Have you ever wondered about there are no homosexual idols in media any more that are adored by millions – like Freddy Mercury, Boy George, George Michael, Michael Stipe or whoever?

We should all be homosexuals cause homo is the word for human.

The more time passes the better I understand every word you said to me.

I’m fine with all homosexuals I know.

If you are afraid of dying from cancer, you will probably die from cancer.

The Circle is a much smarter movie than I first thought. I first worried about all spying and camera stuff but now I find this is our future that we can’t change anymore and shouldn’t and so they choose on a way to handle it.

You can handle it differently:

spying for control


spying for protection.

The way the finish is a good solution for human kind.


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