long time, no see

winter coldness, summer fades
freezing moments, silver gates
lights of christmas, glowing strong
all my sadness, lasting long

sparkling windows, twinkling trees
winds are turning out to breeze
no more drinking, no more beers
real life’s taking me to tears

christmas, christmas, everywhere
is there something else to share?
that we don’t see, but we need
kill the coldness, fill with heat

warm up my heart and warm up my soul
sew up my wounds and sew up the hole
loosen my anger, loosen my hate
please turn the silver to gold of the gate

2 Gedanken zu „long time, no see

  1. Meinst Du mit bears beers? Weil das spricht man nämlich unterschiedlich aus, und bears in der Aussprache reimt sich nicht auf tears!


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