it will take much time untill I can watch movies again I used to like. I have a problem seeing people get killed or murdered in a movie. most of those I used to like are about death in any way. blood diamond for example (supergreat soundtrack), I could watch because I had no schizophrenia projection of it, but, it’s about too much.. death and so on. I’m.. sensitive.

Rather I would watch Tom & Jerry the whole night long/ listen to while falling asleep. I have all the seasons, episodes because my ex-boy(friend sounds like same age)mate bought them on DVD. I kept them. Fortunately.


there are really worse things in life than being a little fatty, aren’t there? I mean, to be in a schizophrenia mode for always, for example, alright? Imagine. This would be total hell. But if I trust all my doctors and take pills as they say and avoid hard alcohol or alcohol at all and drugs of course, nothing bad can happen to me, again, is that right? Tell me.