What can I write for January
maybe same as, well, for February ?
and then there will be March
sounding same as large
and what about the April
rhyming with a big hill
silly poem about May
nothing here to say
and in the middle of the June
can we light a little lune ?
or later in July
we will all get high
but first forget the August
not, of course, we’re all just
waiting for September
my name is not like Amber
and after the October
November won’t be over
but here there is a cut
for making myself shut
but we forgot the last one
December will not be gone

this is fucking stupid but maybe worth a mention

little statement

all my life is like holiday right now. shopping with mom and drinking coffee anywhere outside all day long. this is nice. i love you much, my mamager. god bless you are there for me. otherwise… let’s not talk about.

No luck in here, by the way. I will not get back my old Nokia phone. It’s broken and I could have promised anyway because I threw it hard away. Breakable love. I’m touched. Sad Lisa.