like boring diary entry

I can’t wait to lose weight again. Right now everything I do is just for fun. And I eat more than my body burns away. The most I do is sit and eat. And smoke and shit. On 20th I will have the first surgery ever in my life. Because of my thyroid. I’m scared but I need to trust doctors. I’m the most trustful kid in history. Trust the doctors. That’s all about my life.

Otherwise I would be still in psychiatry. Hmm. Today my Dad apologized for he pulled me like a baby doll cause he couldn’t let me go or even stay at the hills where I was meditating like a big Indian guru or something like that. I cried. He called the ambulance while I said I just want to be on my own here and stare at the stars. I even created my own Lisa star while I was connecting to the whole universe, staring at the sky.

Nevermind. I’m not too big but not as I wish to be like 75 kilograms again. Why can’t I be Harry Potter and make everything pass away quicklier.

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