yesterday I had a conversation and I found out about most people they say:

I don’t care for now what will happen cause it hasn’t happened yet.

But, in fact: this is the biggest problem on earth ? If something happens, no matter what, good or bad, it might be that you can’t change anymore then. It might be too late then.

This is referring mostly to world situation right now. Did North Korea really send some bullshit missile to Japan ? What’s this ? Silly, dudes ?

And someone said, I heard him say, yesterday: „The whole world is sick right now.“

there is something I don’t understand for now. people trying to convince you that you can cause your own health to you (alright, I will, one day, I’m on my way) but still I need pills today to wipe away my suicide dreams. I need them for stabilisation. but what I don’t understand for real: the fact, that those people themselves use pure heroin to find some little joy. why don’t you just put some water inside of your venes instead ?

whole body is made of chemistry.

and I’m sick of people who don’t try to change their minds in any way. those are egoistic.

yeah, man. you are egoistic because you are not able yet to give back to people what they deserve, you would pay them with money. pay me as you want and I will tell you what person you are. I think I know you better than you do.

paranoid or visionary

Am I paranoid ? Please tell me anyone. I laugh at people who say „Trump“ will not win anyway, and even if he will not be able to change anything because of the „laws“. But haha, you don’t see everything. They were laws before, they got broken.

And people didn’t expect the Brexit to happen. And it did and all were shocked but this is what is happening. And Turkey.. I don’t know. We don’t need to talk about. I am happy I live in Germany, it seems to be one of the strongest places still in the world today (first will be the last and last will be the first).

I worry about international companies suck up small ones with money (money rules the world with pressure and force and threatening, corruption, this is true) and somehow getting richer they become more robbering. WordPress.Com is a free homepage still but it has less chances and possibilities then the place I was before (German homepage). And.. at the same time it is much more complex and complicated to understand. You need to be very concentrated to understand and built up your profile and page. They make it hard for people to understand all things easily about privacy, intimicy, options, settings, anything, so the basic settings are inacceptable for real but people don’t mind because they are too lazy to understand what’s meant between the lines.

And this is something I worry about. I don’t feel comfortable in a place which is going to be ruled by US-Americans who are going to be ruled by Nazis maybe.

Am I paranoid ? Am I ?

Maybe I should not tag my entries with „Trump“. Should I ?