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we will become Jewish again, the tortured

I’m Jewish. And I’m following Jesus. Jesus will be crucified. I’m not Judas. World will get Christianized. And Jewish will be hunted again.

People will turn to smart to survive human kind. I wrote about two years ago. Human beings will die from self-destruction. The self-destruction is making sense so the energies they set free by „dying“ will create new dinosaurs one day.

You can’t survive smartness because it will turn to instincts and as soon as there are instincts only any more then you are a dinosaur already, hunting, being hunted or in the centre. All good things are threesome. But first one-celled life of course after destruction of human kind (and unkind) everything turns back to nature.

I don’t want to know about all this. But it’s making sense. And I have a big sense in living. A big one. There was a Lisa before millions of years ago. Dimensions… I didn’t see Dinosaurs but as a child I felt them they were staring into my rooms. And this is not only because of the movies I saw. I’m not paranoid. And you don’t need to read this if you don’t like, but you might understand my brain. I can’t suck my brain off. I can use it. Sense.

Rather I would like to gooooo with all the flow and I’m doing but I could be with someone. I will.

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