We should write new fairy tales. You know? Brothers Grimm were very fearful. And controlling. And not just them. And fairys.. should be lovely and make wishes come true actually and not fears ! Don’t they ? There is no death and danger outside. Trust me ! So one first try:

new fairy tail


I had a conversation about those disgusting pictures on cigarette boxes now. And one girl told me: If you want to do like this, dear government, then be sure to be consequent and put images of beating fathers on whiskey bottles. Put pictures of fat, ugly monster men and women on any kind of candy you can buy. And imagine an anorexia girl on salad- and light-products. Do you really want so much force ? Why do you want to frighten people ? I don’t understand this. To set pressure and fears. Who wants to live like this ?

I am so attentive watching TV news. The objectivity is up on good news on German television (the first channel created) but not if I switch to other channels. I analyze how they report and the reporters and the way it’s reported is about.. provocation. So they provoce people to decide on love or hate. The majority of people. This is making me sick.

Sick sick

We need pure television. No judgement.


yesterday I had a conversation and I found out about most people they say:

I don’t care for now what will happen cause it hasn’t happened yet.

But, in fact: this is the biggest problem on earth ? If something happens, no matter what, good or bad, it might be that you can’t change anymore then. It might be too late then.

This is referring mostly to world situation right now. Did North Korea really send some bullshit missile to Japan ? What’s this ? Silly, dudes ?

And someone said, I heard him say, yesterday: „The whole world is sick right now.“