Wissen ist Macht

wow. the left ( ! ) guitar hero looks like celine hagbard, not his pseudonyme Karl Koch, but the original who spread his knowledge to people to wake them up

alright this is scary, I have a movie „23“, German movie, fucking great actors and it is containing real reports of everything happening (Lybia, Tchernobyl, Olaf Palme, Atomic Nuclear Threatening…) and there is a video of the real Hagbard Celine speaking to a little audience of Computer Nerds.

It’s scary that there is nothing to find like this on web. And the movie is about spreading knowledge because knowledge is dangerous for people who only want to control you.

I’m scared.

I’ve found the last real report on Germany’s first channel please go here and look.

02.03.1989 KGB-Hack

It’s about a little group of German friends who were hackers for making the world a better place. And he felt all the same things, Karl Koch, and got paranoid he was knowing things happening before they happened. Everything. They hacked USA and the big West to feed the East, it’s about German-Sowjetic-Friendship. And they hacked Atomic power stations to show up to them what they could make better for better protection. And then hacking got forbidden.

I have a connection to the numbers 1 3 3 7 since I was 14. A programmer told me, this is the „time“ of leet and leet is the language for computer nerds. And every second day at least I stare at any clock and see it’s 13.37. And I am not paranoid. I feel comfortable.

Maybe we should start creating a Bright Net… for people like us. Some years ago I said I want to become Digital Batman.

Alrigth, unfortunately I can’t find real Hagbard Celine, maybe I will rip off the movie with free pazeera if it’s still existing. And make a screen shot.

By the way he should have married his best friend David to survive the age of 23. Karl Koch created the Trojan Horse.

Can I backup my WordPress ?

Edit once again: I don’t remember the exact meaning of FUCK UP but this is their code to connect. Do you remember my code on fakebug ?

And this is what Karl Koch says almost at the end of movie:

Maybe I was wrong for real but if I was wrong and paranoid, then I’m really crazy.


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we will become Jewish again, the tortured

I’m Jewish. And I’m following Jesus. Jesus will be crucified. I’m not Judas. World will get Christianized. And Jewish will be hunted again.

People will turn to smart to survive human kind. I wrote about two years ago. Human beings will die from self-destruction. The self-destruction is making sense so the energies they set free by „dying“ will create new dinosaurs one day.

You can’t survive smartness because it will turn to instincts and as soon as there are instincts only any more then you are a dinosaur already, hunting, being hunted or in the centre. All good things are threesome. But first one-celled life of course after destruction of human kind (and unkind) everything turns back to nature.

I don’t want to know about all this. But it’s making sense. And I have a big sense in living. A big one. There was a Lisa before millions of years ago. Dimensions… I didn’t see Dinosaurs but as a child I felt them they were staring into my rooms. And this is not only because of the movies I saw. I’m not paranoid. And you don’t need to read this if you don’t like, but you might understand my brain. I can’t suck my brain off. I can use it. Sense.

Rather I would like to gooooo with all the flow and I’m doing but I could be with someone. I will.

I had a conversation about those disgusting pictures on cigarette boxes now. And one girl told me: If you want to do like this, dear government, then be sure to be consequent and put images of beating fathers on whiskey bottles. Put pictures of fat, ugly monster men and women on any kind of candy you can buy. And imagine an anorexia girl on salad- and light-products. Do you really want so much force ? Why do you want to frighten people ? I don’t understand this. To set pressure and fears. Who wants to live like this ?

I am so attentive watching TV news. The objectivity is up on good news on German television (the first channel created) but not if I switch to other channels. I analyze how they report and the reporters and the way it’s reported is about.. provocation. So they provoce people to decide on love or hate. The majority of people. This is making me sick.

Sick sick

We need pure television. No judgement.