scary instincts

about three weeks ago I went outside for shopping things, shop shop. I put on my grey shorts (very bright version of grey) and a shirt with red stripes and white, the red is coloured strong as blood, and my grey chucks, they have white schoelaces and they are stained with red spots of halloween blood for halloween party. I had worn the same combination of these clothes before, so maybe two and three months ago when it used to be warm outside. so three weeks ago I went outside and into a store for cosmetic bullshit (like I never visit those stores, only for.. those papers you can check up pregnancy with instantly). this time I needed MILK. so I went there. and when I got to the cash point, I had a straight look up to a bunch of magazines which were hanging right in front of my eyes. those magazines you could take for free and the cover wrote, it was grey and red (and a bit white): the trending colours of the season are red and a bright version of grey. and I laughed. out of sudden. I had some feelings long time before that I am an instinct trend setter somehow and this is no meaning of arrogance. this is really scary sometimes. I had the same thing with suspenders before hipster influence already, for example. and Batman. and lots of music.

dm magazin


I want to write a song
a song that differs from the rest
not to be the best
and not to show you what is wrong

every single word you sing
refers to sorrow, joy and love
and how those circle everything
is how God combines them all above

BO’ring, I sing, I feel there should be more
I’m tired of the core,
the origin of feelings
I feel like I’m the whore
of God and what he brings

Is there something else still to discover ?
Like a sixth or seventh sense maybe ?
Or a never leaving lover
you will find out how to see

for allways