Alright. Speedball sent me this song when I was 14, it was the first song he sent to me „U2 – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for“. I fell in love with, even though I already knew it. I fell in love with Speedball, as well. One of the smartest, most beautiful human beings on earth. I’ve got 17 photos on my computer and this is the most beautiful.


Like a big bro, you know, he taught me many things, about acoustic guitar and writing poems and much about Ireland and Great Britain struggles and Bobby Sands and Irish Republican Army (but this is nothing I share, because killing people for idealism, innocent people is never acceptable, but I’m sure he found out about this himself already.)

Alright: The Aspect of writing is U2. My ex-boyfriend (he has survived the eighties) told me about this: He is a real punk, post punk and waver, but new waver with a daaaaark mind, and he loves The Cure and he told me about two groups in the eighties, people they would either love The Cure OR U2, but not both and they made fun of each other. I was very surprised when he told me. I am too social for this world, I think, because I loved U2 first and then I loved The Cure and so I still do and so I will do for always.


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