Future Business

I have a fucking great idea about personalized way of eating in a restaurant. This will be future:

You walk into a restaurant and this is called “Food by Heart”. There are no recipes, there is only heart to cook with. This will be explained detailledly and all the concept of the business to the customers.

The customer will not get some menu card, (s)he will get a list of ingredients possible to add to the meal (s)he can choose on instinctly.

You can cross then and decide on spices you want to have and the amount of, as well. But the list must not be too long, only some special things a body needs. The most important, some vegetables, few sorts of meat or fish, and all the rest.

The customer will decide on individual meal to feel most comfortable as possible.

However, don’t forget the only rule:

The cook, whoever working right then, will not have force of an exact recipe, so the meals will differ a little bit from time to time, so you can find out about his/her mood.

This will be amazing.

You can take this idea, if you like to, because right now I’m not in a mood to sell it. And I don’t think, I will have a restaurant myself once. Be fine and treat it carefully.

Thank you.

Ahm, Little Edit: If the restaurant cooperates with a supermarket next door, then you could even manage a list of almost all ingredients. Perfect ! First buy, then cook. Perfect ! Really great.



I can wrap myself in a blanket in bed
like a little cocoon
to tell them to leave me alone
all of my beauty shall not be shown
in the protecting light of the moon
to those who shall not be fed

They’re stinging, they’re biting, they’re hurting my skin
they’re trying to mash up my clean blood with sin
I hate you, the sound of the whirring in
as soon as the brightness is fading to dim

But then in the end when sun will be up
again, rising the sky without being shy,
finding a way out of darkness, the chain
in my brain of feeling insane –
slowly unleashing –
totally slain.