one nerdy teenage story

there was once a nerdy boy
and in his nerdy life
there was so much more of sorrow than joy…

he was dressed up into arrogance
so that he was daaaamn cool and bright
from the outside – but what he had inside
instead – he just kept inside his head

whis was actually quite bad and
often made him sad.

so then in lonely nights I’m sure
he used drinks and beer as cure
for all these problems that he had
with that he couldn’t lie in bed…

so he went to bars.

his tears they would be drowned
so by none they could be found:
a mound of pain that didn’t count
as long as acting this around
was only possible

but one single nerdy day
a nerdy girl did cross his way
and – she was meant to stay and – not to go away
and though she never felt okay
the boy just started treating her this brutal way

but ey, she thought, he’s not that gay
she started to love that guy
and even though she was shy
she had a little try
to impress him

who’s going to give a present to me? one day he wrote
and that was her chance she thought
this shouldn’t be a thing to be bought
but something of the other sort
that you could be so much happier about

she wrote his name on paper
a hundred times to give him later
she used for this all colours just to show
that life was always rainbow,
guess you know

the boy – he got her wrong, however,
he started hating her forever

and the lonely girl was hurt – again
she had been – meanwhile – his biggest fan
it was like the sun had gone
she would not ever have some fun – no more
so where was the nerdy gun

but this is not the end of course
cause all of it could have been worse
the girl got rid off all the force
while slowly growing up



ich freu mich auf den tag, wenn in werbespots
ein mann die neuen wirkungsweisen von waschpulver erklärt (danke ariel und co)
der gatte seiner frau zur arbeit ein brot schmiert (danke bon prix)
pubertierende gören in erwägung ziehen, sich einen anständigen job zu suchen, um sich das taschengeld aufzubessern und träume zu verwirklichen (danke mediamarkt für die schlechteste tv-werbe-edition seit langem stichwort wer will, der kriegt..)
eine selbstbewusste frau ihren mann im auto durch die gegend fährt (danke marketing experten von großen autofirmen)
sich dicke menschen süßigkeiten oder chips in den leib stopfen (danke pringles, kinder, balisto und co)
keine titten oder ärsche mehr gezeigt werden, um irgendwelche cremes, shampoos oder pharmazeutische scheiße darzustellen